Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Thinking of Retiring to Hawaii?

Home prices in Hawaii have shot up over the last two years and are double and triple the prices in most mainland cities. That little dream cottage by the water has skyrocketed in price.
When my parents bought on the Big Island (Hawaii) they were able to buy a new home for less then they sold their home for in Orange County. Today the Hawaii home is worth considerably more then their old Orange County home.
The median price on the island of Oahu ( Honolulu) is $545,000.
The median price on Kauai is $540,000.
The median price on Maui is $695,950.
The median price on Hawaii (The Big Island) is still affordable at $370,000. That is a 44% jump from last year and includes vacant lots in subdivisions where there are not utilities and far from shopping. If you want to buy in Kona there are no single family homes available under $400,000.
If you dream of playing a ukulele under a palm tree best start looking before prices go up more.

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MB Bruin said...

Prices out there are starting to sound like the Southbay!! Yikes!