Thursday, April 13, 2006

New Construction in Hermosa Hills

The Hermosa Beach City Council has decided to continue with a 1986 plan to merge lots in the Hermosa Hills. This means that you won't be seeing more of the tall skinny Row houses so popular in the Golden Hills of Redondo. The City Council rejected a bid by a developer to split a lot at the corner of Prospect and 7th street and build two new homes. Most residents were pleased by the decision to keep the lots as larger parcels.
The City of Hermosa has been quietly enforcing building size and density based on lot sizes through out the city but especially west of Monterey and on the walk streets. In order to build two units in the sand section you must have a lot that is a minimum of 4000 sqft. You can check out development requirements at Hermosa Beach. You will need to visit the building/planning department at City Hall for more information.

Since this article was written the City council has decided to review the application and possibly agree to the project.

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