Friday, August 11, 2006

New..OLD.. House?

Sadly most of the old style homes in the South Bay have been torn down to make way for townhomes or new large single family homes. Redondo Beach has more of the Victorian, Spanish and Craftsmen homes then other beach cities but they are disappearing to make way for new projects.
Granted many of the older homes in Manhattan, Hermosa and Redondo were not great and some lacked anything approaching charm, but others were wonderful reminders of times when craftsmen took pride in their work. I sold a home a few years ago with a fireplace that was done by a local craftsman depicting the missions of California. He built many of these charming fireplaces in our local beach homes but most of those homes were demolished years ago.

If you are one of us who love the charm of older homes but can't live without modern closets there is a solution. Randy Florke, a contributing editor and design consultant for Country Living magazine has designed housing kits (reminiscent of the Sears Home kits from the catalogue) that are based on old Nebraska Farm house designs. The kits sell for $125,000 to $300,000 and feature old home exteriors and interior touches with new home interior amenities. There is also a magazine for those looking for New Old Homes called... surprise... New Old Homes Magazine

Check out the Redondo Homes Tour to see some wonderful homes that have been restored to their original condition... with a few of today's amenities for convenience.

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