Sunday, March 11, 2007

Manhattan Beach Newsletter.. Have You Read Yours?

Every quarter the City of Manhattan Beach sends out a copy of the Parks & Recreation Newsletter to all residents of the city.. It doesn't matter whether you own a home in Manhattan Beach or rent.. this guide has something for you. We are so fortunate that Manhattan Beach has a strong park & recreation department with activities for residents of all ages. So instead of just tossing the newsletter take a few minutes to browse.

If you are a new resident it's a great way to meet people.. join a class, learn to play a sport, take a trip. If you have children there a great classes for children from swimming to acting workshops. Been a resident for awhile. . get your friends together and learn to throw a pot or take Pilates. For Seniors take up a sport or craft you always wanted to know more about and never got around to trying.. There is even a class on self -defense.

So whether you want to Swing'N'Sway, drive like Tiger, or tiptoe through the Titanic you'll find the information you need in this little booklet..

Here are some highlights:

Grab a discount on golf at the Marriott for those under 15 and over 60.. sign up at the Live Oak Tennis office.

Want to take a trip and let someone else battle the freeway... then sign up for one of the city sponsored bus trips..How about Magic Movies in Mexico with a Lobster Lunch...

Looking for a new career? Try the Acting Workshop..

Did you get a new camera and need some help.. then the Digital Camera workshop could be for you.

Want to get into shape? How about Cardio Belly Dance Workout or the GIJoe Family Workout?

Looking to meet other new Mothers.. sign up for Mommy & Me classes..

Looking for something different for the kids to try.. Rock Climbing for Tots might be just the thing..

Looking for more family time.. try Family Yoga.. at great way to de-stress for everyone.

Is there a budding singer at home.. get them into the Singer's Workshop

There are a lot of activities for everyone so take a class and have some fun..


Robert Kissig said...

Good mornin', Kaye: By any chance, are you with the Chamber of Commerce? Great new posting, lotsof info. - Bob

Kaye Thomas said...

Good Morning Bob,
Thanks for reading..