Monday, April 30, 2007

Manhattan Beach Mall: The New Addition

It would seem that as plans advance for the new addition to the Manhattan Beach Mall the residents of Manhattan Village are not very happy. The Daily Breeze had an article in today's paper about Manhattan Village residents who are planning to go to City Hall about the proposed addition of new retail and two parking structures to the Mall.

The truth is if I lived off Village Circle in Manhattan Village I would be protesting. Who wants a three level parking structure outside your front door. I'm not real fond of multi-level parking structures as they tend to bring more crime to the area. Ask Security at the Galleria about that.

I live in East Manhattan and I'm not particularly thrilled about the expansion. What's wrong with a small neighborhood shopping center? The traffic along Sepulveda is beyond bad. Rosecrans is a nightmare and with a Mall expansion we can expect Marine to become the new go-thru street.

I'm trying to visualize just what a 400 space tri-level parking structure would look like wedged between Macy's Men's store and CVS.. I'm assuming from the article that Super Sports and the Hair Salon would be gone..It's tough enough as it is trying to cross traffic to get to Ralph's and CVS... a 400 space parking structure will definitely add a touch of interest as pedestrians sprint across with their shopping carts.

They will be adding another 50,000 sq ft around China Grill and CPK.. so I guess they will now be part of an indoor area along with LA Food Show and the Corner Bakery.. And this is just Phase One. Remember how much fun it was trying to park or drive through the parking areas while they remodeled the interior of the Mall?

In Phase Two they are going to tear down the little theatres at the north end of the Mall. I'll be sad to see them go. We just got a new restaurant next to the theatres.. guess they have a short lease. Apparently this will be where they will add another 300 square foot parking structure. They want to add another 57,000 square foot anchor store somewhere around Macy's for Women. However as Macy's bought out all their competitors I can't imagine who would go in there. Maybe we could have two or three Macy's stores as they have in Del Amo?

Phase Three will see Fry's torn down and some type of connection with the upper and lower levels of the Mall which will add another 100,000 sq ft of stores and restaurants.

It's a shame traffic isn't bad enough on Sepulveda and Rosecrans. The Plaza El Segundo isn't quite complete so we really haven't had a chance to evaluate the impact from that center yet. When you think about what a 200,000 sq ft expansion of the Manhattan Mall will add to traffic in the area they might just as well pave over Rosecrans and turn it into a parking lot.... You won't be moving very fast anyway..

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