Thursday, May 31, 2007

It's Here.. It's Here! Summer Madness

Yep.. the Summer recreation guide has been mailed to all residents... If you missed it you an download it here

School will soon be out so check out what's happening in the city to keep the kids and yourself occupied during the lazy-crazy-hazy days of summer!

For the Kids/ Teens:

There are Preforming Arts Workshops for the everyone who hears the sound of the muse...

Swimming.. Learn to swim... or become a Jr Lifeguard

Art.. Playdough and Picasso sounds like lots of fun..

How about Beach Camp the younger kids and The Teen Center for ..teens ?


Lots of things for the Big Kids to do..

Fitness... GI Joe Sand Dune Workout or maybe Pilates

I like this one... Golf for Adults.. If you've never played now is the time to learn

Arts.. how about The Art of Drawing or The Courage to Write..


Pagent of the Masters in Laguna.. if you have never seen this.. it really is a must..

So no excuses.. there is always lots to do .. it's just up to you!

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