Monday, August 06, 2007

Manhattan Beach : Fall Fun Things To Do...

It's here.. The Fall Parks and Recreation book of fun things to do is on the way to your home..and it has a new name. No more boring The City of Manhattan Beach...Newsletter and Recreation Guide... We have a new name proposed by local resident Doug McMillan... Welcome to ManHappenings...Experience the Fun our new guide to events and programs being offered by the Parks and Recreation Department.

The name has changed but the City of Manhattan Beach is still offering some great programs for residents whether you are a kid or an adult. If you don't get your copy just click on the link above to download a copy. Fall offerings include Ceramics classes, Swing"n"Sway dance classes, fitness programs, a community playwriting class, Soccer for kids and adults and a lot more. Some of the trips include a jaunt to the Oktoberfest in Big Bear and a trip to the Candlelight Dinner Theatre

Not only has the Parks and Recreation brochure been redone but the official Manhattan Beach City Website has taken on a new look. I must say things are getting pretty spiffy around town.

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