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South Bay-Beach Cities: Christmas and Holiday Events

Fun Christmas and Holiday things to do in the South Bay Beach Cities

It's that special time of year..... we put lights on houses .... ornaments on trees..... and little kids know that magic is real. I love Christmas..... Many homeowners in Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach and El Segundo do some fabulous light displays and Christmas/Holiday decorations. El Segundo has a whole neighborhood of homes that bring visitors from near and far to see the wonderful winter wonderland displays... even in 75° weather.

Santa seems to find a way to visit every home... on every street... in every neighborhood in Manhattan, Hermosa, Redondo and El Segundo right up to Christmas Eve. We have Tree lighting and Pier lighting in our communities. Don't miss the El Segundo Holiday Parade... it's just so much fun.

Our little Beach towns have retained their unique Holiday traditions. If you want to know what's happening in the Beach Cities during the Holidays... just scroll down and you will find the major activities for Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach and El Segundo. It's a wonderful time of year... Oh and be sure to stop by the Gift Wrap in the Manhattan Mall... I'll be there .. so stop and say Hello..

Manhattan Beach:

Friday November 30- December 2, 2007 The Sandpipers will hold their annual Holiday Home Tour in Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach. The tour runs from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Tickets start at $25. For information call (310) 374-1748

Saturday...December 12007 at 4:30..... Manhattan Beach kicks off December with the Pier Lighting Ceremony. The Neptunian Woman's Club will be selling homemade cookies and hot drinks. See you there!

Sunday December 2, 2007 there are two holiday events:

Family Crafts Night: Jocelyn Center...
1601 Valley Drive... 4:00-6:00pm
Holiday Concert: Trinity Lutheran Church... 11th and Rowell...4:00 pm

Monday December 3, 2007 .... Craig newton will sing holiday songs at the Manhattan Beach Library at 4:00 pm.. refreshments will be served.

Saturday December 8-Monday December 24... 9:00 am - 9:00 pm.. The Neptunian Woman's Club will be Gift Wrapping at the Mall... proceeds go toward scholarships for Manhattan Beach students and the fees are tax deductible. Psssst..... We will wrap any gift ... not just ones bought at a Mall store.... See you at the Mall.....

Thursday December 13, 2007... It's a balloon party... Manhattan Beach Library...4:00 pm

Friday December 14 - Sunday December 16, 2007... The Manhattan Beach Community Church Children's Theater will perform Scrooge: A Christmas Carol Show times are 7:30 pm Friday and Saturday and 2:00 pm on Sunday. 301 S Peck... (310)999-9528...Tickets are $8.00

Sunday December 16, 2007... Join the Fire Department for their annual spaghetti dinner.. 3:30-6:30 at the Firehouse at 400 15th Street.. Adults $5.00 children under 4 are free.

Sunday December 16, 2007... Manhattan Beach Fireworks Show .... At the Pier...Entertainment starts at 4:00.. fireworks at 6:30 pm

Santa got an early start this year in Manhattan Beach. He started his rounds on November 26, 2007.. but he will be looking for good little girls and boys until December 13, 2007.. Santa starts each evening ( except December 10... starting at 6:30) at 5:30

Nov. 30:
Starts at Manhattan Beach Boulevard and Oak Street. Ardmore Avenue, Sepulveda Boulevard, Manhattan Beach Boulevard, Pacific Avenue.
Dec. 3:
Starts at Second Street and Peck Avenue. Second Street, Aviation Boulevard, Artesia Boulevard and Peck Avenue.
Dec. 4:
Starts at Second Street and Meadows Avenue. Second Street, Rowell Avenue, Artesia Boulevard and Sepulveda Boulevard.
Dec. 5: Starts at Dianthus and 11th streets. Manhattan Beach Boulevard, Sepulveda Boulevard, southern city limits, and Ardmore Avenue.
Dec. 6:
Starts at Sixth Street and Meadows Avenue. Eighth Street, Aviation Boulevard, Second Street and Sepulveda Boulevard.
Dec. 7:
Starts at 11th Street and Sepulveda Boulevard. Manhattan Beach Boulevard, Aviation Boulevard, Eighth Street and Sepulveda Boulevard.
Dec. 10: From 6 to 6:30 p.m.,
the Santa float will be parked at the main pool of Manhattan Village. Starts at 6:30 p.m. at 18th Street and Redondo Avenue. Marine Avenue, Redondo Avenue, Manhattan Beach Boulevard and Rowell Avenue.
Dec. 11: Starts at Meadows Avenue and Manhattan Beach Boulevard. Marine Avenue, Rowell Avenue, Manhattan Beach Boulevard and Sepulveda Boulevard.
Dec. 12: Starts at Pacific Avenue and Valley Drive. Rosecrans Avenue, Sepulveda Boulevard, Ardmore Avenue and Pacific Avenue.
Dec. 13: Starts at Ingleside Avenue and First Street. Marine Avenue, Grandview Avenue, 24th Street, 25th Street, Ardmore Avenue, southern and western city limits.

Monday evening... December 24, 2007... T'was the night before Christmas and all through the house.... You know the rest...

Hermosa Beach:

Friday November 30- December 2, 2007
The Sandpipers will hold their annual Holiday Home Tour in Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach. The tour runs from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm tickets start at $25. For information call (310) 374-1748

Thursday December 6, 2007... The annual Tree Lighting will be at the Hermosa Beach Pier Plaza... 6:00 pm

Saturday December 8 2007.....Sand Snowman Contest... 8:00 am-Noon.. North side of the Hermosa Beach Pier.. (310) 318-0280

Saturday December 15, 2007.....Breakfast with Santa... children 5 and younger... 9:00 am - 11:00 am.. Call for information.. reservations a must... $15.00 per child... (310) 318-0280

In Hermosa Beach Santa is getting a later start... Santa and his helpers will will out December 12 and December 19:

Location 1:
Santa will start at the Hermosa Beach Police Department/Fire Department at 540 Pier Ave. and travel west on Pier Avenue to Monterey Boulevard; left on Greenwich/27th Street onto Hermosa Avenue, to 24th Street and will stop at this point.
Location 2: Up 24th Street to Power Street, turn right.
Location 3:
Left on 21st Street to Valley Drive; to Gould and right on Ardmore Avenue to 21st Street then left.
Location 4:
21st Street to Hillcrest Drive, turn right to 18th Street; back up to Prospect Avenue to 21st Street, turn left.
Location 5 (last stop):
21st Street to Ardmore Avenue, turn right; Ardmore Avenue to Longfellow Avenue, turn right.

SANTA'S STOPS: 5 p.m. Hermosa Ave/24th Street.5:30 p.m. Power Street (between 24th and 21st streets).5:50 p.m. 800-900 block of 21st Street (between Pacific Coast Highway and Prospect Avenue).6:15 p.m. Hillcrest Drive (between 21st and 18th streets).6:50 p.m. Longfellow Avenue (between Pacific Coast Highway and Ardmore Avenue).

Location 1:
Santa will start at the Hermosa Beach Police Department/Fire Department at 540 Pier Ave. and travel south on Ardmore Avenue to Seventh Street, turn left and stop.
Location 2:
Travel south on Ardmore Avenue to Fifth Street, cross Pacific Coast Highway, continue up Fifth Street to Prospect Avenue; turn right onto Eighth Street.
Location 3: Travel north on Prospect Avenue to 15th Street and turn right; left onto Golden Street.
Location 4:
Travel north on Prospect Avenue to 17th Street and turn left onto Golden Street.
Location 5: Travel north on Prospect Avenue to 19th Street and turn right.
Location 6:
(final trip) Prospect Avenue south to Eighth Street, turn right heading down hill.

5 p.m. Seventh Street (Seventh and Ardmore /Dead End Street).5:30 p.m. 1100-1200 block of Eighth Street (between Prospect and Harper).5:50 p.m. 1500 block of Golden Street (between 15th and water tower).6:15 p.m. 17th/Golden (near the back entrance of Hermosa View School and Golden).6:50 p.m. 1100-1200 block of 19th Street (between Prospect and Harper).7:20 p.m. 1000 block of Eighth Street (between Prospect and Pacific Coast Highway).

Monday evening... December 24, 2007... T'was the night before Christmas and all through the house.... You know the rest...

Redondo Beach:

Saturday December 1- December 2, 2007...Holiday Boutique... St James Church 415 Vincent St.. 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Every Saturday and Sunday December 1- December 23, 2007... Santa is at the The Redondo Beach Pier.... 11:00 am

Sunday December 2, 2007...Advent Festival.... Riviera Methodist Church..3:00pm -5:00 pm... 375 Palos Verdes Blvd.
Tuesday December 4, 2007...The 27th annual Tree Lighting ... The Civic Center... 415 Daimond Avenue...5:30 pm

Saturday December 8, 2007... Morrell House Party..Dominguez Park at Flagler and 190th.. admission 1 unwrapped toy for Cheer for Children.

Sunday December 9, 2007... Holiday Chorus.. South Bay Women's Chorus.. St Lawrence Martyr Church... 1900 S Prospect 3:00 pm

Saturday December 15, 2007... King Harbor Boat Parade...Free.. Along the harbor inner sea wall

Santa also got an early start in Redondo Beach beginning on November 26.. Here is the rest of his busy schedule:

North Redondo:

Friday 11/30: Aviation and Mathews, E/B to Perkins, then left and W/B on Nelson. Make a left at Aviation Wy, a right at Mathews to Aviation, then right on Aviation to Ruhland. E/B on Ruhland to Perkins, then W/B on Voorhees to Aviation.

Saturday 12/01: Start at Ruxton and Rockefeller and go W/B to Aviation Wy. Turn right and come E/B on Carnegie to Ruxton. Turn left and W/B on Vanderbilt to Aviation Wy.

Sunday 12/02: Start at Ripley and Marshallfield and go W/B to Harkness. Go right to Clark and E/B Clark to Ripley. Then W/B on Harriman to Harkness, and E/B on Huntington to Ripley.

Monday 12/03:
Start at Flagler and Armour, go W/B to Harkness, RIGHT, then right to Spreckels and E/B to Ripley. Go left and come back W/B on Havemeyer. Turn left on Flagler and go to Spreckels then right to Harkness, right again to Morgan and go E/B to Blossom. Then left to Speyer and come back W/B on Speyer to Harkness. Make a right and go to Pullman. Go E/B on Pullman to Ripley, then right on Ripley to MacKay. Turn right on MacKay and turn left onto Belmont W/B Belmont to Harkness.

Tuesday 12/04: Start at Harper and Palm and go N/B. travel to Artesia. Then back and forth on Steinhart, Goodman, Stanford, Ford, Reed, Herrin, Carver, Wollacott and Axenty.

Wednesday 12/05: Start at 190th and Pruitt, go to Armour and travel E/B to Firmona. Make a left and come back W/B on Spreckels to Pruitt. Right to Fisk and E/B to 190th, then right and another right on Firmona. Go N/B to Alvord and stop for a few minutes, then go to Ralston and W/B to Pruitt. Make a left at Pruitt and come back E/B on 2500-2600 Alvord. Go left at Inglewood Av. Left again at Ralston, then right on Felton. At 185th St, turn left to Pruitt, then right to 184th, and E/B on 184th across Inglewood to Firmona. Go right to 185th and W/B on 185th back to Felton. Go N/B to 183rd, and E/B to Firmona, then W/B to Felton on 182nd Pl, and back E/B on 182nd St to Inglewood.

Thursday 12/06: Start at 190th and Green, go N/B to Ripley, then right and back S/B on Cluster. Make a left at 190th to Blossom, then N/B on Blossom to Havemeyer, E/B on Havemeyer to Rindge. Go right to service road at 190th, and make a left. Go to Earle and do each of the Courts. Then E/B on Ripley to Meyer. Right on Meyer. Left on 190th to Phelan, N/B on Phelan to Fisk, then W/B to High, right and back E/B on Alvord. Go right to Lilienthal. Make a U-turn at the park and come back N/B to Ralston. Go W/B on Ralston to Meyer, then right and back E/B on Hill to Lilienthal. W/B on Ives, and E/B on Hadley.

Friday 12/07: Start at Amethyst and Harkness, Turn left on 190th and go west to Goodman, turn right, then W/B on Lomax to Prospect. Turn right to Van Horne, then E/B Van Horne to Harkness. Make a left then W/B on Armour to Reynolds. Continue to do 1600-1700 blks to Speyer, then do Harper to Aviation, Steinhart back to Belmont, then N/B Goodman to Aviation. Come back on Stanford to Belmont and N/B Ford to Aviation.

South Redondo:

Saturday: 12/08: Start at RBPD and go N/B on Broadway to Catalina, back S/B on Elena to Carnelian. Make a left and take PCH, then make a left on Beryl and do Francisca. North on Catalina. Then S/B on PCH to Diamond. Turn left on Diamond and go to N. Gertruda. Go N/B on Gertruda to Carnelian. Make a right, go to Guadalupe, then S/B tp Diamond. Make a left, to Irena, then N/B on Irena to Agate. Right turn to Juanita, then S/b on Juanita to Del Amo. Turn left and go to Lucia. N/B on Lucia to 190, turn right and come back S/B on Maria to Del Amo. Then N/B on Paulina to 190th. St.

Sunday: 12/09: Start at RBPD, go S/B on Broadway to Torrance Bl, then E/B Torrance to S. Francisca. Go N/B to Vincent Park, then right, come back S/B on Guadalupe, to Torrance, then left to Helberta and back N/B to Vincent, then right to Irena, S/B to Torrance, then left and back N/B on Juanita to Vincent. Come back S/B on S. Lucia to Torrance.

Monday: 12/10:
Start at Broadway and Torrance go S/B to Knob Hill, then N/B on Elvira to Sapphire. Turn right and cross PCH on Sapphire to Knob Hill, turn right and come back to Gertruda. Go N/B to Pearl, then left to Francisca, left again to PCH. Then left onto Sapphire, this time go to Helberta and go left to S. Irena, come back S/B on S. Irena. Left on Serpentine, then left again on S. Juanita to Camino Real.

Tuesday: 12/11: Start at Camino Real and Juanita. Go north on Juanita to Rita and make a right. Rita to Lucia to Pearl. West on Pearl, right on Juanita to Torrance, right on Torrance then right on Juanita, south to Camino Real, right back to Juanita, north to Pearl, left to Camino Real, then N/B to Miramar, then right, then right on Sierra Vista, left on Camino Real, to Torrance east to Opal east. Right on Prospect to Barbara. Back N/B on Prospect to right on Ruby, right on Faye, then north on Susana, and W/B on Pearl

Wednesday: 12/12:
Start at Ave G / PV W/B to PCH, then E/B on Ave F to PV. W/B on Ave E, make a right on Ave D to S/B Gertruda, then back on Helberta to Ave D., S/B on S. Irena (Do Ave D as you are going back and forth on Gertruda, Helberta and Irena). Take PV to Prospect and do the 1000 blk Ave D, then W/B on Ave C back, including 1000 block, then E/B on Ave B(including 1000 block), then Ave A(1000 block) to PCH. Take Knob Hill to Camino Real.

Thursday: 12/13: Start at S. Irena and PV Bl, go east to 1400 blk, then back to W/B on Helberta to PV, then E/B on S. Gertruda go to Messina and Circle Drs. Then W/B on Ave E to Pv, and E/B on Ave F to Prospect. Then W/B Ave G to PV. Then S/B on PV to Catalina. Turn and immediately take the left to Camino de la Costa. Go W/B on Paseo de la Playa, come back E/B on Vista del Mar, then N/B along the 1700 Blk of Camino de la Costa to Ave I. Make a left and to go the Esplanade. Then N/B to Ave H. Do the 100-200 blks of the Avenues and finish at Knob Hill and PCH.

Monday evening... December 24, 2007... T'was the night before Christmas and all through the house.... You know the rest...

El Segundo:

Thursday December 6, 2007... The Annual Tree Lighting.. City Hall Plaza 300 Main Street 5:30

Thursday December 6, 2007....Holiday Craft Fair.. City Hall Plaza 3:00-7:00 pm

Sunday December 9, 2007..... Holiday Parade.. Main Street.. from Imperial Highway to El Segundo Blvd.. 2:00 pm (310) 322-1220

Santa's sleigh stops in El Segundo December 12-December 6, 2007:

Monday December 12th: West end of the city, east to Loma Vista Street.

Tuesday December 13th : Loma Vista Street east to Main Street.

Wednesday December 14th: Main Street east to Sheldon Street.

Thursday December 15th: Sheldon Street east to Center Street.

Friday December 16th: Center Street east to Sepulveda Street.

Monday evening... December 24, 2007... T'was the night before Christmas and all through the house.... Merry Christmas to Alll.. and to All ... Good Night...

If you have an event you would like to add... just e-mail me and I will add it to the list....


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