Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Manhattan Beach City Council: Mansionization.. New Rules

If you want to throw in your two cents about building requirements in Manhattan Beach then tonight's the night. The City Council is set to approve a number of regulations that will affect what you can and can't build around town.

Whether you are for or against rules controlling McMansions this may be the last time you will get to give your opinion. Make no mistake a change in the building requirements changes the value of your property. Those who are against large homes feel that smaller homes preserve a better way of life and are willing to accept a change in value of their property. Those who want the largest home they can build may have paid a hefty price for the land where they intend to build and don't want to see any loss in value.

Personally I don't think the change in regulations will have a huge effect on values over the long run. First there are not many parcels that have been merged into oversize lots. Second we will get used to having slightly smaller homes. The older homes that are larger will retain their value for consumers who want square footage and don't mind an older home. There will continue to be a high demand for new construction that features the latest in style and amenities.

The Council meeting starts at 6:30
City Hall
1400 Highland
Manhattan Beach
**** The Council meeting lasted until almost 1:00 and there are still some issues that will not be decided until the next meeting on February 5, 2008

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