Tuesday, February 05, 2008

It's Tuesday February 5, 2008...VOTE!

If you are in one of the Super Tuesday states today is the day you get to exercise your right to vote. There are hundreds of countries all over the world where people are literally dying in order to vote. We are very fortunate to have a process that while driving most of us nuts actually works.

It doesn't matter what your preference for President.. what matters is that you have a choice. Headlines scream everyday about those who have no choice... or are dying because they made a choice.

In CA we have a few propositions that also need to be voted on. How you vote on these will determine some important issues... like term limits, community college fees and extending Indian gambling. In Redondo there is a huge school bond issue. These are all issues that deserve our attention. Your vote does matter.. remember when you lost the class election by one vote?

So just do it.... VOTE!

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