Monday, April 21, 2008

Where or Where has my e-mail gone?

On Saturday morning I had clients calling me because every time they sent an e-mail it came back with the message that my e-mail address was no longer in service... so to speak. Technology is wonderful.. except when it doesn't work. For the last three days and possibly for the next three days I'm without my business e-mail address. Everyone at the company is so sorry and they are going to see why this has happened.. but nothing can be done for 2-3 more days.

My e-mail server came highly recommended. They tout that there is always someone ... even on weekends... available to help...maybe.. but not last weekend. I was able to contact one of the owners but he was out of town and couldn't do anything. The problem is related to a feature of their ordering system. I realize no one anticipated this glitch but this is their business and I'm guessing I'm not the first one with the issue.

Truthfully... I don't know what I want from them other then to have my e-mail back up and running. Maybe just an acknowledgement that they understand how this has affected me would be nice. But that's not what happened.. while they acknowledge that maybe their system is off they also imply that I should have known that. Really... how?

So while I sit here frustrated with absolutely no recourse; it occurred to me that this feeling of being helpless is a product of advances in technology that have cut out personal service because it isn't cost effective. Why hire a live person when you can install a machine. My favorite is the cable company. Their internet service goes down but they want you to go to their website and e-mail them about the problem.
UPDATE: My e-mail server has got the issue resolved and my e-mail is once again up and running.. so if you need anything you can reach me at my regular e-mail address.


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