Friday, June 27, 2008

Manhattan Beach-Beach Cities: Remodeling.... Hiring an Architect Can Save You Money

I have a client who is looking for a $1.3-$1.6 priced home. They have 40% down and have been pre-qualified. However they work a lot of hours and want something in "move-in" condition. It doesn't have to be new or over 3000 square feet or even have a huge yard. They just want a nice house that doesn't need a lot of work.

Sounds pretty reasonable doesn't it. We have looked at a number of homes that sound perfect only to find that when the home was updated an architect was not part of the process. Many homeowners are afraid that using an architect will cost too much money. The truth is that using an architect and obtaining permits for the work being done are two of the most important and cost effective steps an owner should consider before beginning a project.

A home that has been poorly remodeled with a strange addition will have a harder time selling then one that hasn't been remodeled. One of the remodel No-No's is the Walk-Thru bedroom. Homeowners do it because it is a less expensive initial choice then other concepts. However a walk-thru bedroom is rarely a good idea...especially when you are trying to market the home as a 3 bedroom and one of the bedrooms is a walk-thru. Think about it... would you want to sleep in a room that everyone must pass through to get to the rest of the home. Transitioning from room to room is extremely important in the overall flow of a home. A good floor plan is worth a lot of money... a bad floor plan will cost you a lot of money.


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