Thursday, August 07, 2008

Manhattan Beach: 511 N. Dianthus... new price... new look.

Staging.... 511 N. Dianthus..Take a behind the scene look...

I love 511 Dianthus in Manhattan Beach. The house just feels good... maybe because of how the sellers talk about "home" and how much fun they had growing up in Manhattan Beach in the '60's. You just know this is a place that is loved.

The sellers are very smart and know that a vacant home doesn't always show off a home as well as one that has been staged. They also know that price is very important. So they made a decision to stage this great home so buyers can get an idea of space and furniture placement and to lower the price. The new price .... $1,269,000 makes this the best priced home in the Hill section.

I thought you might be interested to see the process of how staging changes a home. Of course the first step is finding the right stager. I contacted Gina Dougherty from Fusion Design Consulting. I have know Gina a long time and really like the way she gets a sense of the house before she begins placing furniture. She decided that as 511 Dianthus is a '60's house ... it would be fun to stage it with furnishing reminiscent of the time.

In addition I called Steve Young from Grout &Tile Miracles to spruce up the kitchen tile. Steve performs true miracles... but that's another post. The lovely back yard is kept in great shape by Jeff Santiago (310)717-5143. The serene Koi pond has been maintained by Enviroscape.

Keep watching as I will be posting before and after videos.... I think you will be surprised at what a difference a little magic by the right person can make... Keep these dates in mind...We will have a Broker Open house Friday (August 15, 2008 12-2 ) and Public Open houses Saturday (August 16) and Sunday (August 17) from 1-4 to show off...

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