Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Manhattan Beach Homes... New Price... New Look... Part II

Wow.. what a difference a week can make. Last week 511 N Dianthus was an ordinary home. This week, with a little help from my friend Gina Dougherty at Fusion Design Consulting, 511 N. Dianthus has moved from ordinary to extraordinary. I've always liked this house and felt the potential on my first visit. The warm feeling of the home seemed to get lost in vacant rooms and an off white color palate. Gina came to the rescue... and with a little of this and a bit of that has created the lovely home I knew was waiting to be discovered.

So how much difference can staging make.... view the videos to find out...



I've always been a fan of staging but today I am a true believer. The dining area seemed small when there was no furniture...who knew you could put a full size dining room table plus a buffet there. The family area is large enough for everyone to gather 'round while something good is cooking in the kitchen. The living room is huge.. a perfect spot for the Big Screen TV... and holiday parties.

I was talking with a client a few days ago about how hard it is to figure out how to place furniture in a vacant property... especially new construction. She told me that she couldn't understand why all builders did not automatically stage new homes. She is right...nothing shows off the potential of a home like great staging...


Anonymous said...

hi Kay, do you recommend someone for home decorating, simlar to Gina? Not looking for staging per say, but rather furniture selection and interior design. thanks.

Kaye said...

Anon 12:47,
Gina does all aspects of interior design not just staging... She is amazing when it comes to using color. My clients have really liked her.

Who you use depends on how much you want to spend.

Phil Norman in PV is absolurely fabulous but pricey... he does it all including buying furniture.... here is his website:


Another all round designer/stager is Michelle Minch... her website is:


Joe Lucas and Parrish Chilcoat from Lucas Studio are very good but again on the pricey side.. www.LucasStudio.com

There are a few other local folks that I need to find web addresses for and will add here later...