Monday, April 13, 2009

Manhattan Beach : First Quarter Price per Sq ft 2007-2009

Walk Street East of Highland

After posting on Manhattan Beach home prices for First Quarter Sales from 2007-2009, I was asked about the price per sq ft for the same time frame. I'm not overly crazy about price per square foot as a reliable measure of value as it is so easily skewed depending on whether a number of big or small homes sell during a particular time period. However I will add it to the graph in the future when I post information for quarterly values. For now I'm posting the information separately.

There are three graphs....All of Manhattan Beach PPSF first quarter sales from 2007-2009... West of Sepulveda (WOS) PPFS 2007-2009 and East of Sepulveda(EOS)PPFS 2007-2009. As with median prices the biggest changes in home prices are for homes west of Sepulveda.

Manhattan Beach: First Quarter PPSF 2007-2009

Manhattan Beach: WOS First Quarter PPSF 2007-2009

Manhattan Beach: EOS First Quarter PPSF 2007-2009

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