Sunday, May 10, 2009

South Bay-Beach Cities: Homeowners...Good Information if you need mortgage help

In March I wrote a post about government online help for homeowners who needed information about refinancing or loan modification. While the government site can be helpful many homeowners have found that the information there may not have quite fit their situation.

Lew Sichelman is a Washington D.C. columnist who writes a terrific weekly column called The Housing Scene that is usually found in the LA Times Sunday Real Estate section. Lew always provides excellent information for buyers, sellers and even real estate agents. If you don't take the LA Times Sunday edition check out his columns online... you will be glad you did.

Once again Lew offers good advice for homeowners who need mortgage information and or help with their current loans. The guys who gave you FICO scores, Fair Issac, are now offering online help for homeowners who are in trouble with their mortgages. Lew not only gives details about the program but also offers some sage advice to owners who are in trouble and looking for help. Even if you are not having mortgage issues there is a lot of good information for homeowners.

If you are in trouble with your mortgage or think you may have a problem in the future I strongly suggest you read the article. It may save you a lot of grief... not to mention money. I am always happy to answer questions offline for those with specific issues.

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