Monday, September 19, 2011

Manhattan Beach Homes: Sold June, July August 2011

Summer home and townhome sales in Manhattan Beach held up well compared to previous years. Overall sales volume for 2011 is the highest since 2007 with 306 homes and townhomes sold between January 1, 2011 and September 15, 2011. Home prices however are another matter.

Manhattan Beach home prices for entry level properties under $1,000,000 have been relatively consistent since last year but prices above that range are still searching for stability. As the recession continues with little sign of abating anytime soon and the stock marketcontinues its wild ride, many financially stable homeowners are begining to feel the pinch of lower economic expectations. For some that means fewer vacations and nights out but for others it may mean they need to sell and either purchase a smaller home or perhaps rent for awhile until the economy begins to look better.

Manhattan Beach real estate prices have definitely declined in the last few years although not by as much as many had predicted. Prices still seem to be in flux for much of the market although not by the percentages seen in previous years. The big question for both buyers and sellers is whether Manhattan Beach real estate prices are approaching the bottom of the market or are there still more price cuts ahead.

Manhattan Beach Market Snapshot: Sold June 2011

Manhattan Beach Market Snapshot: Sold July 2011

Manhattan Beach Market Snapshot: Sold August 2011

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