Saturday, November 05, 2011

Manhattan Beach: The Koffee Kart gone.... Oh No...Say it isn't so!

Dear George Loren,

Say it isn't so... No  Koffee Kart in Manhattan Beach... how can that be?

The Koffee Kart was one of the last "local" places in town.. Unlike Uncle Bill's it was a little off the path for most visitors.  Even on Sunday morning you could get a table after a short wait.  It was my favorite place to eat breakfast.

Over the years not much changed.... It was small with cozy booths,  just right for  reading the paper while waiting for breakfast.   The food was always good and the staff  friendly.   My friends and I would walk Sunday mornings and then stop by for breakfast before heading home. 

All of us were  upset about the fire and have been patiently waiting for the sign to read OPEN once again.... I walked by a few days ago and things were looking good... so I was stunned to learn that you won't reopen at the Koffee Kart home.

Please  find a new spot  and reopen soon.. Fans of the Koffee Kart will be waiting to hear the news.  Over the years we have lost a number  places in Manhattan Beach that many of us remember fondly and miss.   I really hope the Koffee Kart doesn't become one more memory of Manhattan Beach.

I'm hoping for good news soon....

A loyal fan

 P. S. The Hibachi found a home in Hermosa... not quite the same as the old place but darn close... So  I know there's a spot waiting for the Koffee Kart near the beach... just like before but maybe a little different....

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