Saturday, December 31, 2011

Manhattan Beach Snapshot: Sold November 2011

Manhattan Beach Home and Townhome Closed Sales November 2007-2011

Manhattan Beach Home/Townhome prices November 2007-2011

What a year for Manhattan Beach Real Estate with enough ups and downs to keep us on our toes.  Next week the final closed sales for December will be posted but so far the numbers are similar to those for 2010.  

Single family Home prices in Manhattan Beach  managed to creep up a bit in November compared to the median price last November. Townhome and condos sales didn't fare as well.   The trend continues with  sale numbers moving up while prices stay flat or slightly down from previous years. 

Inventory is at the lowest level in along time with 61 single family homes and  27 townhomes/condos on the market.    New construction is minimal with just a few builders taking the plunge while the majority are still waiting to see what the new year will bring.

Manhattan Beach: Sold November 2011

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