Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Other Interesting Items in the News

Increase in Real Estate Agents:
According to CAR the jump in home prices has brought a rise in membership to 165,000 agents from fewer then 98,000 in 2000. A nice quote from Greg Thibodeaux in the Contra Costa Times seems to be very astute..." Many newbies enter the business without understanding that they must work long hours and perform many tasks..I think sometimes people watch the Home & Garden channel and see how these practioners have these wonderful jobs and everybody is always happy....but it can get really sticky and ugly". Having managed an office and trained agents for over 16 years it has always amazed me how many people think that if they just get a license they will immediately start making big bucks without doing anything. As an old friend used to say after a particularly tough transaction "This business is just too easy" and we would all laugh knowing the hours and skill it took to keep the transaction together.
Having been in several "up" and "down" markets it seems to be true that about the time everyone wants to get into real estate the market is slowing down.

A Buyer for Every Property:
According to the Modesto Bee the home where Laci and Scott Peterson lived has sold. It was listed at $379,996 and sold in 9 days over the list price. That's faster then when Nicole Brown Simpson's townhouse went on the market.

Homes with Character:
According to Realtor magazine the newest home trend is away from cookie-cutter houses to homes with character. Today's buyer wants the return of the "great room" concept with an emphasis on quality, and luxury. The exterior will be more dynamic with bold colors and a mix of materials. The outside areas.. patios, decks and balconies will be an extension of the living space. If you read last week's LA Times Magazine you saw the trend toward outside "rooms" with living and dining rooms created in the yard rather then inside the home. While interesting, I couldn't help but wonder where you go when the rains come...

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