Monday, June 13, 2005

What's Your Color?

We make color choices everyday. Most women know what colors are their "best" colors, the ones that make them sparkle. A few years ago it was the in thing to have your colors 'done' by a color expert.
Color is often the deciding factor for many purchases. Black cars look "rich" brown cars look mousy. The choice of an exterior home color often makes the difference between selling quickly at a good price or much later at a discount. Green homes sell much slower then other colors.
Here is a list of what emotions colors can represent to people:

Red: Hot, passionate, active
Yellow: Energetic, bright, sunny, cheerful
Green: Natural, fertile, calm, prosperous
Blue: Cold, serene, loyal, excellence
Brown: Earthy, mature, reliable
Purple: Royal, powerful, luxurious
Black: Authoritative, respectful, strong
White: Cool, pure, true, innocent
Gold: Majestic, rich, wise, honored

A quick note.. purple may mean royal and gold may portray a feeling of majesty but a purple house with gold trim probably won't convey royal majesty to a potential purchaser....

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