Thursday, February 09, 2006

Four Most Common Home Inspection Problems

According to the National Association of Home Inspectors most resale homes have some items needing repair or replacement. Many of the items vary according to the location of the property. In California we don't have too many properties with septic tanks or old oil tanks for home heating that need to be replaced and EPA approved for toxins.

However the Association has found 4 things that are common to most older homes no matter where they are located:

1. Improper grading and drainage around the house, leading to actual or possible water damage and/or foundation problems. This can be a major problem in homes on a slab as the water can cause soil shifting and damage the slab causing major cracks in the sub flooring.

2. Insufficient electrical service to the house, inadequate overload protection and amateur, often dangerous, wiring connections. Many people think they can just keep adding extension cords as they need more outlets. However if you don't enlarge your electrical service panel you may overload your circuits which can lead to a fire hazard. This is especially true in garages. A new electric panel is much cheaper then a new house.

3. Roof damage, including worn and improper roof flashing. Your roof should be checked once a year.. preferably before winter storms start. You can greatly extend the life of your roof by making minor patching repairs each year.

4. Faulty heating and air conditioning systems, including controls with mechanical problems. Most of these problems can be fixed by buying a new control. An automatic control can save you money by monitoring temperature settings throughout the day. Have your A/C or heating checked once a year. A new filter each year can make your heater more efficient.

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