Saturday, June 16, 2007

Beach Cities: Sold May 2000-2007

Hermosa Beach Sand Section Homes.

There have been a lot of stories in the media about the California real estate market this week. Headlines scream.. number of sales down 34%.. (courtesy of the LA Times on June 14, 2007) However question is did the volume of sales really fall that much and if they did.. is this a national or a local phenomena..

With that in mind, I decided to track the number of sales in Manhattan Beach and North Redondo every May from 2000-2007. May is historically the month that is usually in transition from the hot Spring months to the slower Summer months. I used Manhattan and North Redondo as these tw0 cities represent the highest and lowest priced markets in the Beach Cities. Hermosa Beach and El Segundo fall somewhere in between.

So.. here are the figures for the month of May from 2000-2007

I'm not going to attempt to interpret the statistics other then to note that overall sales volume seems fairly consistent over the last eight years.. prices however have seen some definite differences..

Hmmmmm .. does this mean that the Beach Cities may just be a more stable market them any of us realized.. with a pretty stable number of sales each year.. no matter what the prices ..

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