Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Birthday.. to the Ultimate Beach Toy

This post isn't about real estate.. but it is about the beach. . and the ultimate beach toy..Yesterday was the 50th Anniversary of the invention of the Frisbee .

I'll admit that I've never given much thought to who invented it or even why it was invented. Frisbees and Hula Hoops seem to have appeared about the same time and were simply there. Both were produced by Wham-O who made lots of strange items that were aimed at kids and taken over by adults.

For some reason I always thought Frisbees were modeled after boomerangs because they also seemed to have hit the market in that time frame... little did I know they were modeled on College kids throwing pie pans around between classes. I guess it wasn't a long stretch to go from the campus to the beach.. where they have remained as the ultimate beach toy.

Disc golf is an offshoot of the popular toy.. and if you want to play a game locally... you can at Polliwog Park in Manhattan Beach . I know kids who play but haven't seen any adults trying their luck. I figure if my disk game is like my regular golf game I'd probably throw one right instead of straignt and bang some little kid on the head. Somethings are best left to the experts..

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MBWatcher said...

you're reminding me of my favorite fictitious history of the hula hoop, "The Hudsucker Proxy," hilarious Coen brothers movie... worth a Netflix rental