Saturday, June 23, 2007

Manhattan Beach: The Class of 2007

On Thursday Mira Costa held their graduation ceremonies and my nephew was among the graduates... OK so he isn't my nephew by blood but his Mom and I have been friends for so long we are starting to look alike.

It was quite an experience seeing this wonderful young man and his friends graduate from high school. Over the years I have gotten to know many of my nephew's friends. I've been to basketball games when they could barely hold the ball with both hands.. I've watched them play soccer while they picked at the weeds or stared at the birds. I've seen them miss the ball in right field and run like the wind across home plate. I watched them get so tall that spiking a volleyball was easy.

It's been wonderful being able to watch these kids grow from small boys into young men. When the boys were little they called me Aunt Kaye.. because they thought it was my name.. like Mary Sue.. but over the years it's still Aunt Kaye because that's who I am.

These are really nice young men who will soon be off to college. They are bright and eager to see what the world has to offer them. I never met many of the girls.. but the ones I did meet are lovely and very smart. Almost all of the kids play some type of sport which is a lot different then when I was in high school and girls hated gym class. Now the girls give the boys a fun for their money in all areas. Little do they know how amazing they are and how much the world offers... Oh.... if I had the body I did in high school and the experience I have now... I would rule the world..

Most of the time High School is a very distant memory for me. However a few weeks ago I ran into a gal who graduated from my high school 2 years after I did.. What a hoot! We were of course instant friends because we shared a common history. There weren't too many of growing up in Garden Grove in the 60's and fewer still who went to Bolsa Grande.

Graduating high school is the first step on the ladder to adulthood. The path we take after high school is different for everyone and yet you always remember the kids in your class..especially when you grew up with them from kindergarten to high school as so many of the kids did in the Class of 2007.

Class of 2007.. Congratulations.. I wish each and every one of you a great life!


moni said...

This looks so inviting! I want to come for a visit!

Jay Thompson said...

Great looking blog Kaye!

Just stopping by on teh AR blog tour!

Kaye Thomas said...

Moni- You are always welcome.. the weather is perfect...

Kaye Thomas said...

Glad you dropped by.. visit any time..