Monday, June 25, 2007

Manhattan Beach: Market Snapshot June 25, 2007

Looking at The Strand from the Pier

Definitely some changes in the last few weeks.. inventory continues to increase but in the upper price range. Townhomes in the Sand Section are still selling well. But overall pendings and sales appear to be down as summer approaches. When I collect the numbers for all of June I'll compare them with June of 2006 to see how we compare with last year.

This is the time that the market cooled last year. The biggest difference I'm seeing this year over last year is that there are still a lot of buyers out there. People are coming to open houses which is different from last year at this time.

The charts below are broken down by area and by price.

There are 113 Single Family Homes and 21 townhomes currently for sale in Manhattan Beach. There are 38 single family homes and 21 townhomes in escrow. 21 single family homes and 16 townhomes closed escrow since June 1, 2007.


Toby & Sadie said...

I know that real estate is local. But it is amazing to me when the median price has 7 figures, in my market in central Ohio we are in the $150,000 range. Of course our views are not the same...

Nice looking blog! enjoyed my visit on the Active Rain blog tour!

Kaye Thomas said...

Thanks for taking the tour.. Yep it boggles my mine also and I live here..