Monday, July 23, 2007

California Real Estate: Median Home Prices 1970-2006

I've had requests for housing data on CA real estate markets going back from the 60's to the present. I can't go back any farther then 1995 using the MLS. I checked with CAR and they had some graphs that incorporate older data for CA homes.I was able to find some information on Los Angeles County real estate prices from 1982-1997 which may be of interest. I have printed figures for home prices for the South Bay Beach Cities from 1995 in other posts. The current median price of a home in Los Angeles County is $535,000.

Los Angeles: Median Home Prices 1982-1997

Median Home Prices: CA vs U.S 1970- 2006

Median Home Prices : CA 1986-2006

Delinquency and Foreclosure Rates: CA 1974-2006

Beach Cities: May 1995-1999

Beach Cities: May 2000-2007

Manhattan Beach : Home Prices 2000-2007


Anonymous said...

I just published an article comparing the real estate markets in 3 large Californian cities: Los Angeles, San Jose and San Diego. The article was prompted by the "10 best places to live" article on CNN. You may want to read this real estate comparison at:


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HI Henry..
It's nice to see kind words about CA real estate..