Tuesday, August 21, 2007

South Bay-Beach Cities: Market Snapshot.. 55+ July 2007 Sales

Courtyard Villa Estates

The market seems to be picking up for 55+ units especially in the new developments. Village Court is almost sold out and Courtyard Villas has seen a lot of new activity. Looks as if there is only one unit left in Blue Rose Court. The Meridian still has a number of units on the market. I believe The Gables has sold a few more.

Units in New Horizions are moving slowly but I suspect that may have more to do with the fact that most of the units there need major interior upgrades then a lack of interest in the complex. Units that have had major upgrades or ar on the golf course are selling quickly... the rest that are really in as is condition just seem to be sitting. I suspect that many of those in the 55+ range just don't want to take on a remodeling project. This is really evident when you consider the number of sales in the new developments. Buyers will pay more to do less...

55+ July 2007 Sold: ( click on image to enlarge)
It looks as if there are a few new 55+ developments in the works and both seem to be in Redondo Beach... I'll let you know when I know more..
South Bay-Beach Cities: Market Snapshot.. 55+ June 2007 Sold

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