Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Manhattan Beach-Beach Cities: MLS...New Changes

If you have lived in the South Bay-Beach Cities for any length of time then you are probably aware of the numbers assigned to each area from the Greater South Bay MLS.. A few weeks ago I noted that there would be changes in the numbering system in our local MLS with some new area boundaries.

All the old two digit numbers are now three digit numbers. The Beach Cities boundaries have all stayed the same. There were changes in Hawthorne, Torrance, The County Areas, Lomita, Carson, Palos Verdes and San Pedro in both numbering and geographic areas. Some examples.... all of Torrance is now sequentially numbered.. beginning with the old area 25 Walteria is now 125, the old area 21 ( by the Courthouse) in Torrance which is now 126. . In Hawthorne area 107 now covers all of the homes that are included in the Wiseburn School district boundaries. Eastvale in Palos Verdes on the Harbor side of the hill is now area 177.

New MLS Area Numbers: ( click on graphic to enlarge)

If you would like more information about changes or have questions about your area number just send me an e-mail. Unfortunately there is no small area map to show new numbering for each geographic area.

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