Saturday, August 23, 2008

Manhattan Beach: Staging and new price work...

Last week 511 Dianthus in the Manhattan Beach Hill section got a new price and a new look... This week we received an offer... which I think points out the value of a new price in conjunction with a different look in the current real estate market. It really does make a difference to have a professional give a property a little face lift.

I showed the house on Thursday to a buyer who had seen it two weeks ago, before the staging, and he was really amazed at the difference in the house. He hadn't realized the potential of the space before or how warm the home could feel.

I don't know if this offer will be the one...the negotiation dance is always a bit tricky... but it would be nice for both the buyer and seller if we reached a compromise on price and terms that worked for everyone. My Dad used to say that a good deal was one where everyone walked away feeling good about the transaction... and that still holds true.

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