Friday, January 20, 2012

Manhattan Beach: Market Snapshot December 2011

December home sales were definitely nothing to brag about but compared to  closed sales from other months in 2011 it could have been worse.   2011 was not a stellar year for Manhattan Beach Real Estate by any measure but then  it wasn't a total flop either.  320 homes and 75 townhomes sold last year  in Manhattan Beach at a time when much of the country and some neighboring communities remain sunk in the doldrums of a housing market that just can't seem to find any traction.

Inventory remains low but if the number of new listings on the Broker Open tour for Manhattan and Hermosa Beach is any indication we may be seeing a lot more homes hit the market soon.  Typically we don't see a lot of new inventory until after Super Bowl Sunday but this year might be an exception. 

Along with  some sharp new listings there were a number of homes that have returned to the market after taking a hiatus  last year.   While there were a few homes that made you wonder about the price was picked  most of the new entries seemed to priced near  market.  This bodes well for the coming year as more sellers seem to be accepting the realities of the market. 

Manhattan Beach: Sold December 2011

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