Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Manhattan Beach CA Home Sales: Sold January-December 2000-2011

Over the years I have kept a running tally of the number of single family homes that close escrow each month.  I haven't included townhomes or condo sales as they are a small part of the Manhattan Beach home sales and they tend to fluctuate more than single family homes.  In Redondo Beach it would be the exact opposite as townhomes and condos make up the major share of that market.

The difference in the volume of home sales as well as the prices over the last 11 years makes for some interesting comparisons.  It is easy to see that while prices started their upswing in 2003; 2005 was the year prices took a major leap and 2007 was the year volume took a hit.   Prices began their dive in 2008 with 2009 being the toughest year for Manhattan Beach home sales.

Both prices and the number of sales bounced up and down in  2010 and 2011 as the market looked for stability.  The big question for buyers and sellers is whether this will be the year the market finally finds stability and begins to trend up instead of down. 

Manhattan Beach Home Sales: January-June 2000-2011

Manhattan Beach Home Sales: July-December 2000-2011