Thursday, July 12, 2007

South Bay/Beach Cities: SOLD.... June 2007

The Strand in Hermosa Beach

No question the local real estate market is slowing but then sales always slow in the summer. Last year at this time the South Bay/Beach Cities market was stalled.. as buyers just simply withdrew. I'm not seeing that this year as buyers are still coming to open houses and I'm getting a lot of inquiries from my websites.

The market is in a real pickle right now as Buyers continue looking closely at prices and wondering if Sellers are going to stand firmon listing prices for their homes or if there might be a little leeway as we hit mid year. Sellers, on the other hand, are wondering if Buyers will finally step up to the listed price or will continue to be selective about price. I suspect they will meet somewhere in the middle.

I know there are a number of sellers who don't want to officially lower the asking price but are hoping someone will make an offer to get things moving. No one wants to make the first move.. Reminds me of teens at a middle school dance.. girls on one side of the room and boys on the other while the music plays and plays.. each one is afraid to be the first on the floor.

I've added a new feature as requested by a lot of readers... The Sold price per sqft next to the median sold price. In another post I'll track if for single family homes in Manhattan Beach and later for all the Beach Cities. for the last few years. I've added it to the inventory list in my newsletter for listings found in the Market Conditions Report.

Beach Cities: Sold June 2007 ( click on the information to enlarge graphic)

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Beach Cities: Sold May 2007

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Beach Cities: Sold March 2007

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